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Presentation of our latest prototype Geneseas M. 
For large commercial ports and coastal areas up to 6 miles from the coast.

* Information may vary depending on the final model.

* Image not contractual.

  • Collects solid waste of 2 meters by 1 meter maximum and liquids of the hydrocarbon family of the carbon chain C9 to C15.

  • Purifies 500lts per use.

  • Area: 1200 m2 per hour. Purification: 24,000 m3 of water / hour

  • Eliminates or absorbs: algae, micro and macro plastics and hydrocarbons.

  • Storage capacity: 1 m3 of solids. 500lts of hydrocarbons.

  • Battery life: 24h Type of energy: Solar - autonomous

  • Operating mode: Manual and / or Automatic

  • Preprogrammed operation: yes

  • Automatic operation: yes

  • Parking: 37 m2

* Information may vary depending on the final model.

* Image not contractual.

  • Geneseas S has two patents, one of which is European.

  •   It allows up to  67%  annual savings in the context of operations linked to the cleaning of a site.

  •   Thanks to its automatic piloting mode, it facilitates the work of managers and saves them time.

  •   It helps to convey a green and innovative image throughout the world.

  •   It represents an ideal tool for raising awareness among the general public and stakeholders in a territory of the challenges of marine pollution.


The collection cart

Motorized - Intuitive - Ergonomic

When its mission is completed, Geneseas S automatically returns to its base, so that the operator can empty the basket via the dedicated collection cart. The latter responds to different aspects making it possible to:

  • not to touch the waste that will have been collected by the basket, when the operator is emptying it;

  •   to simplify this handling, guaranteeing more secure and ergonomic use for the operator;  

  •   to facilitate and secure the operation linked to the charging of the batteries, the truck being fitted directly with the charger. 

Natural filters collectors of hydrocarbons

Natural - Ecological - Recoverable

In parallel with the design of the Geneseas S robot, Recyclamer Innovation has also devoted itself to the research and development of innovative ecological filters, capable of capturing the iridescence of hydrocarbons on the surface of aquatic spaces.

Designed and manufactured in short circuit with natural materials, it is recommended to change them once a month to optimize their efficiency. Once used, the filters can be recovered and valued.


SAS "parking"

Secure - Modular - Tranquilizing 

The Geneseas security SAS has been developed in order to be able to offer the user a secure parking base for the robot, when it is no longer on a mission. Configurable according to the operating site, the Geneseas security SAS allows:

  • Receive and immobilize Geneseas S safely when it has completed its mission.

  • To reassure the user when he is notified of the automatic return of Geneseas  S at its base

  • Secure all dockside operations related to maintenance and handling of Geneseas S.

Recyclamer Innovation's desire is to be able to actively participate in the fight against water pollution. To do this, we want to make Geneseas as accessible as possible, through various services and flexible offers.

Innovation for the Planet

The first range of solar robots, connected and autonomous for the depollution of aquatic spaces.

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